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Shenuque Tissera

Actor. Comedian. Writer.

Sri Lankan. Queer. Feminist.

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Shenuque Tissera is a Sri Lankan American comedian born and raised in the borough of Staten Island.  Some have described his comedy as "good", "It could've been worse", "That was comedy?".  But all jokes aside he's pretty good! Shenuque has been featured at QED, the PIT, Magnet Theater, UCB, and he's performed in the 5th Borough Comedy Festival. He is the co-producer of the Token White Guy Show, and a featured writer/performer for sketch group's Kennedy's Mistress and Face For Radio. He's also produced and performed in comedy shows for the ACLU! Want him to perform on your show, or even plan a show for your organization? If the answers yes fill out the contact form below! If the answer's no then come see him at the Token White Guy Show! 

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Super Sketch Tuesday

Catch me perform in a new original sketch show every month with my team Kennedy's Mistress at the PIT on Super Sketch Tuesdays. Best part is the show is FREE

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The Token White Guy Show

The Token White Guy Show is a standup comedy show hosted by Shenuque Tissera and Vivek Netrakanti. This show puts up some of the best performers from underrepresented groups. Concerned that there won't be a white man to balance out all that diversity? Have no fear! The show will have one token white guy ready to go. Come by for a fun experience where multiple perspectives will take the stage! 

Contact Me

Want to book me for a show? Tell me you enjoy my work? Or maybe you want tell me I'm a hack and shouldn't do comedy? Let me know!

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